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Grey Goo

"The soundtrack is brilliant, with Frank Klepacki bringing his wonderful Command & Conquer composing skills to Grey Goo to offer a soundtrack that builds on different musical themes for the game’s races."
- Dark Zero

"...incredible soundtrack by Frank Klepacki, and his unmistakable blend of heavy rock, synth and the orchestral - all readily apparent here, complementing the action with an adrenal jolt.."
- TheDigitalFix.com

"The sound effects are spot on and there’s an extra creepy factor added in the form of the electronic sounds the Goo makes while be controlled. The music in the game also sticks out as it contains several great tunes that really draw players into the battle."
- GameIndustry.com

"The music is a real standout however, with longtime Westwood collaborator Frank Klepacki returning to score the game. If Grey Goo’s music reminds you of Command & Conquer, well, now you know why!"
- GamingNexus.com

"The audio is excellent."
- GameWatcher.com

"...a great Frank Klepacki soundtrack"
- IncGamers.com

"Sound: 9/10 - The game’s original score inspires a sense of epic doom, and the in-game music doesn’t get old, though you can choose what soundtrack to listen to through the options menu."
- GameCrate.com

"Frank Klepacki delivers an eye-wateringly wonderful soundtrack that beautifully channels the futuristic feel of Grey Goo, much like his previous work on the Command & Conquer series."
- Twinfinite.net

"Frank Klepacki has done impressive work in Grey Goo, and the music fully complements the lore and beautiful graphics."
- PrimeInspiration.com

Guardians of Graxia

"The music is fantastic."
- AggroGamer

"Guardians of Graxia features pleasurable dramatic background music"
- OutOfEight.info

Panzer General: Allied Assault

"A suitably dramatic orchestral score..."
- IGN.com

"The game has a great orchestra, and certainly has that war-like feel. I could probably listen to the audio for hours."
- TalkXbox.com

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

"It works to the game's advantage that composer Frank Klepacki returned to help out with the soundtrack. Klepacki was responsible for the games iconic and memorable Hell March, and Red Alert 3's soundtrack feels like a fitting successor... "
- IGN.com

"...the theme [Klepacki's HM3] – the best for playing, the best on the disc."
- Game-OST

"Frank Klepacki produces the most vibrant versions of two of his classic themes at the start of the soundtrack."
- Square Enix Music Online

"Frank Klepacki created another fabulous tribute to the series!"
- ActionTrip.com

"The new rendition of the ever famous Hell March theme is still divine!"
- Ferrago

"Fans will be delighted to see Frank Klepacki's Hell March returns for a third time."
- Dark Zero

"The music for Red Alert 3 is stunning!"
- Game Focus

Universe at War: Earth Assault

"The music in Universe At War is just as good [as Star Wars: Forces of Corruption]."
- IGN.com

"the game music proved to be not only marvelous, but even the best in genre for the last couple of years."
- Game-OST

"Thematically and compositionally, as well as production-wise, the tracks are skillfully mixed and well written. They serve the game well, and for those who can dig this style, there are some great tracks to pick out of here as good standalone music to pump you up or relive favorite parts of the game."
- Square Enix Music Online

"Legendary Westwood alum Frank Klepacki provides another stirring soundtrack whether you're on the menu screen, or in a pitched battle."
- WorthPlaying.com

"Sounds in the game are superbly performed... This game has to be heard to be experienced, if only for the soundtrack!"
- Gaming Trend

"Worth a play due to the wonderful experience the soundtrack combined with the game brings... sound effects and voice acting are also top notch!"
- Gamer20.com

"Worth a play due to the wonderful experience the soundtrack combined with the game brings... sound effects and voice acting are also top notch!"
- Strategy Informer

"Sound 8/10 - Impressive varied music, very good surround sound!"
- Gamestar Magazine

Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption

"The new music is especially excellent!"
- IGN.com

"...goes above and beyond in the sound department!"
- GameDaily.com

Star Wars: Empire at War

"Empire At War doesn't disappoint in the weapon/effects department. The voice acting in the game is also quite impressive... The game's soundtrack is suitably epic but not overbearing, lending great support to the overall ambience of Empire At War."
- Gamespot.com

"As you'd expect, the audio design is first rate."
- ActionTrip.com

"The graphics and sound are quite rightly awesome!"
- Strategy Informer

"Empire At War has everything. The graphics, sound, and overall presentation are each near perfect."
- GamerFeed.com

"Best Bits - Great sound and music!"
- GameCell.co.uk

Command & Conquer: Renegade

"The music and voice acting is above par for a first-person-shooter."
- GamePen.ugo.com

"The music is superb, and helps to keep you in a state of expectation."
- MobyGames.com

"As always with a Westwood game the music is superb and pumping. Frank Klepacki has done it again."
- Media & Games online

"4 out of 4!"
- The Log Book

Earth & Beyond

"The game's beautiful score perfectly sets the mood for whatever you are doing at the time, whether in combat or walking in a space station."
- WorthPlaying.com

"I kept E&B's music up throughout my journeys... because it did set the right tone, and it fit quite well in the whole 'vastness of space' theme."
- rpgdot.com

Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat

"While aboard the ship the musical score is something you'd expect from a Star Wars film, or some other epic adventure."
- gameshark.com

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge

"The sound of Yuri's Revenge is good, with the best of it being in the music... I frequently found myself jamming to the tunes more than gaming."
- GamerReviewOnline.com

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

"9/10 ...there is a lot to like buried in these layers of electronica."
- Square Enix Music Online

"If there’s one thing that makes the Red Alert 2 soundtrack stand out from the rest, it’s a refreshing blast of heavy metal guitar."
- The Log Book

"Perfect for an angst-ridden dance club or as a thematic undercurrent to your late-night world domination planning sessions."
- Gamers.com

"Frank Klepacki's music is also, as usual, a great blend of hip hop, techno and some really cool electro stuff."
- playnow.com.au

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun: Firestorm

"Perfect music on every level."
- MobyGames.com

"The music is great. It emphasizes the action successfully, and creates a perfect atmosphere for this type of a game."
- ActionTrip.com


"5/5 - The orchestral style symphony music is CD quality and never boring or repetitive. The music is so good you'll want to listen to it outside the game."
- Avault.com

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun

"...the soundtrack is right on the money – whether you’re listening to it in the car or blasting away at the legions of NOD."
- The Log Book

Blade Runner

"...Frank Klepacki has captured the feeling of the original movie soundtrack."
- apolloguide.com

Dune 2000

"The music is incredible!"
- Game-Over.net

"The music by Frank Klepacki is a great motivator during play, with some especially dark percussive pieces..."
- The Log Book

Command & Conquer: Red Alert

"[Klepacki] brings into sharp focus the elements that made his music from Command & Conquer such a compelling listen even away from the computer."
- The Log Book

"It’s no surprise to me that this soundtrack was voted best video game soundtrack of 1996 by PC Gamer and Gameslice magazines."
- Soundtrack Geek

"Intense. Thought provoking. Energetic. Just three feelings of many conveyed by this CD. Those of you who haven't heard of Red Alert ore even its predecessor, Command & Conquer, are missing out on an aural treat."
- Alt Pop

Command & Conquer

"...he shows time and again that he is a master of his own craft. His transitions are natural and effective, and furthermore he uses a wide variety of synthesizers, electric guitars, percussion, and even vocal samples."
- Square Enix Music Online

"Klepacki made a real effort to vary the sound of each individual piece."
- The Log Book

"Definitely Frank Klepacki's greatest hour."
- Soundtrack Central

"The music becomes very catchy to the ear while beating up your opponent..."
- Game-Revolution.com

"...a unique techno-industrial soundtrack that in itself is worthy of purchase. The music was so popular, that Westwood would end up selling the cd soundtrack as a separate product."
- technodynamic.com

"...some of the best gaming music you will ever hear."
- mymac.com

Viratia (solo album)

"Klepacki's multi-instrumental talents (keyboard, drum kit, guitar, bass) shine on every track."
- Tuscon Weekly

Infiltrator (solo album)

"Frank has really put together some of his finest work to date on this CD."
- CNCNZ.com

Rocktronic (solo album)

"For those of us who learned about his music through his hard-driving accompaniment to some classic Westwood computer games (and I’d hazard a guess that this category probably includes almost everybody reading this), Rocktronic is homecoming week for you – it easily lives up to its name."
- The Log Book

Morphscape (solo album)

"...proving there’s more to his repertoire than being EA’s own C&C music factory."
- The Log Book

"Klepacki adds many compelling elements into the traditional techno brew."
- LVCityLife.com